At first, they called it a miracle. Fueled by monumental breakthroughs in computer technology and neuroscience, the terminally ill can blissfully dream their lives away in vivid, pre-programmed dream surroundings of their choosing, controlled by the super computer Morpheus. The stigma of death has been overcome.

Overjoyed, the dedicated, well-meaning creators of computer generated dreaming, plan to make the wonder of Morpheus available to all.  However, the profit-seeking backer of the project has other plans.  Under his direction, the miracle becomes the ultimate theme park, DreamLand, where anyone, while sound asleep, can participate in great moments from sports or history, or enjoy incredibly realistic fantasies of their choosing.  Best of all, at DreamLand, children enjoy frolicking with their favorite fairy tale characters. 

DreamLand is a monumental success, until an unprecedented madness wrought by the flawed makeup of those who brought Morpheus into existence delivers dark consequences.  The remarkable, innocent dream experiences are no longer going off as programmed.  Something is wrong in DreamLand.